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Use of Time

What do you do if you arrive somewhere an hour early? Monday evening, and I'm at the appointed house to collect my teen, but she's not ready to come home. It's nobody's fault. The BBQ didn't light properly, someone else was late home from work and the usual organiser is incapacitated with a bad back.

Welcome to my waiting around sunset photos

The latest in a long line of waiting for the teen photos..

 White Horse Hill sunset

 Rewards for my patience.

Hello World

A front end test

To start with.

Nice and simple!




Black and White

Some simple image manipulation, to produce a monochrome image of this Ash tree. The photo matches the day!

The Ash tree


This sign was at the furthest point of my walk .

At Last

sunset at denchworth







So a very short first post with a favourite view as a picture, now that I have a blog extension installed.