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The Moon and Jupiter

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you understand what you are seeing it can be a totally different view than if you don't

So here is my photo of the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon. A small waning moon and a bright speck of a planet.

Nothing special as photos go, but I appreciate it and was so pleased to snap it

Wildflowers or Weeds?

Depending on the place, or the person viewing, a pretty yellow flower can be either.

Use of Time

What do you do if you arrive somewhere an hour early? Monday evening, and I'm at the appointed house to collect my teen, but she's not ready to come home. It's nobody's fault. The BBQ didn't light properly, someone else was late home from work and the usual organiser is incapacitated with a bad back.

Welcome to my waiting around sunset photos

The latest in a long line of waiting for the teen photos..

 White Horse Hill sunset

 Rewards for my patience.

Yellow Fields

A walk on the downs when the rapeseed is flowering has surreal overtones.
Yellow fields and black trees. Or green, yellow and blue stripes in the landscape.






















A Stand of Trees

This is a favourite view, on a frosty morning, a few weeks ago, the photo makes a good black and white image

The River at Betws y Coed

A wonderful, bright, clear day and the view downstream from the centre of the footbridge.

 River view at Betws y Coed

The Threat of Rain

A heavy blue-black sky on a summers day threatens to dampen my Saturday's walking.


Big Skies

Sunday afternoon walking. Although it's warm and sunny, it's also windy and the sky looks ready for a change.

Black and White

Some simple image manipulation, to produce a monochrome image of this Ash tree. The photo matches the day!

The Ash tree


This sign was at the furthest point of my walk .